Sound & Soundbar Problems!

Jon Magnani -

Soundbar not turning ON:

Sometimes the remote control "freezes up". This is a design flaw, but is easily fixed. Please let IT know if you have to do this process more than once-in-a-while.

1. Unplug the soundbar's power. It's power cable may look the same as your TV power cable. No worries if you accidentally unplug the wrong one first.

2. Remove the batteries from the sound bar's remote control.

3. With the batteries out, press all of the buttons on the remote a few times each (just mash it a bunch, really. This discharges the device).
4. Put the batteries back into the remote.
5. Plug the soundbar back in.
6. Try to power-on the soundbar with the remote.
Soundbar is ON, but no sound is coming out:
This is usually caused by the wrong input being selected. When you depress the "Input" button on the soundbar remote, it blinks all of it's lights to tell you which input it's currently set to. For us, we want it on the "4th" input. This looks like this when set correctly:
O O O O O O * * O O O O O O
"O" - Solid Light
"*" - Blincking Light
Meaning, the 4th set of 2 lights will be flashing when the right input is selected. After this, adjust the volume accordingly.
Weird "echo" effect when TV and Soundbar are on:
This happens when both the TV and soundbar speakers are on at the same time. Your really only want to use one or the other.
1. Lower the volume on the TV all-the-way using the big TV remote. This also inadvertently lowers the volume on the Soundbar since it's also a Vizio product.
2. Now, using the soundbar remote, increase the volume on the soundbar to the desired level. This remote only affects the soundbar and not the TV. Weird, huh?
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